How to cleanse your space and make it feel new again

Cleansing your space goes farther than just tidying up the physical clutter. It can be very easy for your space to accumulate negative and heavy energy so it’s always a good idea to regularly cleanse your space to make it feel lighter and brighter and get rid of that energetic clutter.


How do you know it’s time to cleanse your space?


After a breakup.

Clearing your space of that old relationship energy can be a great way to help you heal and move on from heartbreak.

You’ve had a bad day.

Wash away negative and unproductive energy so you can start fresh tomorrow.

You feel like you’re stuck.

Feeling blocked is normal but taking the time to address it and move forward can seriously improve your life!

You just got over a cold or were sick.

Not feeling your best can be stressful and that negative energy will definitely build up over time. Once you feel like you’re over the worst of it, cleanse that sickness away!

During a major life change.

Change is good so why not embrace it by making space for what’s to come?


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Here are some of our favourite ways to make your space feel like new again:


Place crystals around your home.

Crystals give off a great amount of energy and are an amazing way to clear out the space around you. We suggest placing black tourmaline throughout your home to clear out any bad vibes.

Rearrange your room.

There’s a reason feng shui has been in practice for as long as it has. Rearranging the furniture in your room can have a drastic effect on how it feels energetically.

Burn incense.

Of course we personally believe that burning incense is the best way to change the energy in your home. Scents like sage, lavender or lemon are all great for dissolving any negative energy.


What are some your go-to ways of clearing out your space of bad energy? Let us know in the comments!

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