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It’s been a tough year and while it looks like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, it seems the bad news just keeps on coming. If you’re looking to infuse some more positivity into your day to day, look no further! Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow for good news, positivity and connection.


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Some Good News was created by John Krasinski at the start of the pandemic last year as a way to share some positivity in a dark time. The web series, set up like a news broadcast but only sharing good news, was an instant hit. So successful in fact that the series was acquired by CBS. While the new series is being still being created, the Instagram page that was set up to go along with the series is still going strong!


In a similar vein to Some Good News, the Good News Movement Instagram page was created to share uplifting and positive stories happening across the globe. Created by journalist and CNN correspondent Michelle Figueroa, this account is a great way to see news stories from other communities that might not otherwise get shared!


Humans of New York began as a photography project in 2010 by Brandon Stanton. The goal was to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers on the street to create a record of the cities inhabitants. Each portrait comes with a bit of the person’s story in the caption and is a masterclass in not judging a book by its cover. 11 years and a couple of books later, Humans of New York has not only become one of the most popular accounts on Instagram, it’s become a world-wide phenomenon with Stanton taking the series along on his travels.


Do you love animals? Then you need to be following The Dodo. An account solely focused on telling animals' stories, The Dodo was launched in January 2014 by Izzie Lerer and journalist Kerry Lauerman as a way to bring awareness to animal rights issues. If you need a daily dose of cuteness and second chances, this is the account for you!


Founded by Lara Karapetyan, this account aims to empower and showcase female freelancers in Canada. Sharing advice, community meet ups and business info, they inspire women to take the lead. If you’re looking to learn more about women in business or wanting some inspiration to start your side hustle, check out this account!


What are some of your go to accounts for some positivity? Leave us a comment!
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