New Product Alert: Aligned Incense Sticks

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our latest addition to our collection of incense sticks!


Introducing: Aligned

Aligned (v): give support to (a person, organization, or cause).

Vetiver and Petitgrain Essential Oils



These incense sticks are infused with rich and earthy Vetiver and blended with refreshing Petitgrain to create an incredible, one of a kind scent. Known to be cleansing, protective and pure, the healing energy associated with these medicinal essential oils is revered by many cultures as sacred and divine.

Perfect for creating space for peace, healing, and alignment, these scents are said to bring about blessings and a renewed hope in tomorrow and helps rid the aura of negativity, anxiety, stress, emotional blockage and metaphysical obstacles to foster more positive wavelengths.


Let us know what you think of the new scent in the comments below! 
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