The Surprising Connection between Hockey and Incense

At first glance, kids’ hockey and incense may not seem to have much in common. One is a physical sport played on ice, while the other is fragrant and used in religious and cultural ceremonies. However, upon closer inspection, there are some surprising similarities between the two.

Firstly, both kids hockey and incense require a certain level of focus and concentration. In hockey, players need to stay alert and focused on the game at all times, constantly scanning the ice for potential scoring opportunities or defensive threats. Similarly, burning incense requires mindfulness and attention to detail, as the user must carefully light the incense and tend to it throughout the burning process.

Additionally, both kids’ hockey and incense have a strong sense of tradition and history. Hockey is a sport with deep roots in many cultures, and is often passed down from generation to generation. Similarly, incense has been used in religious and cultural ceremonies for thousands of years, and has a rich and storied history in many different cultures around the world. 

As a parent, I have personally experienced the similarities between kids hockey and incense, as my son's passion for hockey has allowed me to witness the intense focus and tradition of the sport, much like the deep-rooted history and calming effects of burning incense.

Finally, both kids’ hockey and incense can be deeply immersive experiences that provide a sense of escape from the outside world. In hockey, players can become fully absorbed in the game, forgetting about their worries and concerns as they focus on the task at hand. Similarly, burning incense can create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere, transporting the user to a different state of mind.  Whether you're on the ice or lighting a stick of incense, both activities are rewarding and fulfilling experiences.




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