Your Space Matters

Welcome to the first ever Your Space Matters blog by Incense Republic. Through this blog our goal is to curate a digital retreat that you can turn to when you need time and space to ground yourself (or to learn something new, maybe even laugh a little).

Your Space Matters is a concept that lies at the core of our brand; we believe incense is a merge between both personal and physical space, and that both are exceptionally important for your overall well-being. The best way to create a space that matters to you is by living intentionally.

You can do this by being selective about what things you bring into your physical space (we know it’s free, but maybe leave that rain soaked couch on the side of the road…), but also about what (or who!) you bring into your personal space (no toxic energy allowed here folks). We envision a world in which consumerism is thoughtful and people live happily and mindfully—that’s why we created Incense Republic: to make the highest quality ingredients accessible to all and help you better connect to yourself and your space.

So take some time to learn what makes your home, your time, your energy, important and unique to you because, after all, your space matters.

Much love


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