About Us

Transform personal spaces into serene sanctuaries of escape with complex scents manifested to entice, elevate and indulge the senses! Incense Republic is a new age boutique that offers an exclusive and wide-ranging collection of artisanal home fragrance products handcrafted with the utmost love, purpose and intention. Slowly and carefully plunged by hand into chemical-free fragrance oil concentrations, our hand-dipped incense sticks steadily release ripples of euphoric aromas without polluting the air you breathe.

Highly scented nontoxic, the small batch bamboo incense sticks cleanly, naturally and generously deliver full-bodied fragrance to fill a room. A creative visionary eager to supply customers with only the absolute finest quality possible, our fragrance designer lovingly puts her heart and soul into each and every aromatic selection. Passionate, meticulous and principled, she wholeheartedly intends to create aromatherapy solutions that are unique, distinct, fresh and eco-conscious.