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Justice Incense Sticks

Justice Incense Sticks

Justice Incense Sticks

(n) morally fair and right state of everything

Rose + Wisteria + Cyclamen

Comforting and warm these sticks do wonderful things for your home your mind and mood. The perfume of Rose, Wisteria and Cyclamen complement the Sandalwood and Vanilla base notes. This scent like true justice is a celebration of all that is great.

Use this incense for: a Peaceful Home, Protection and Clarity 

Burn Time: Each stick burns for 45-60 minutes!

Handcrafted in Toronto, ON

All of our products are Vegan eco-friendly using ethically sourced ingredients.  We never test on animals and make sure that our suppliers don’t either!

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Arrived safely and scent is lovely. Thank-you!!



My new go to incense! Great products


Absolutely amazing! And thanks for the 3 extra incenses. Will buy again


IncenseRepublic are some of the most ethically sourced, quality made sticks I have found. You can feel it as you light the sticks & the aroma & energy that fill your space or home. Sovereignty is our favourite but I plan to invest in more! Beautiful product.

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