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Unite Incense Sticks

Unite Incense Sticks

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Unite (v): come or bring together for a common purpose or action.

Bergamot + Cedarwood + Lavender

This scent combines the perfume of mountain air with the blend of , earthy Cedarwood and Lavender enjoy a total experience of pure, in-the-moment, stress-free bliss. The sun, the flowers, the rich soil, all luxuriously combine to remind us that just as nature is connected, we need each other.

Use this incense for: Love, Abundance, Connection and Vitality

Burn Time: Each stick burns for 45-60 minutes!

What you get: 20 incense sticks packaged in a recyclable plastic sleeve and then boxed to keep your sticks smelling awesome.

Handcrafted in Toronto, ON

All of our products are Vegan eco-friendly using ethically sourced ingredients.  We never test on animals and make sure that our suppliers don’t either!

Order ships out within 2 days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jaime W.
One of my favourites!

Another incredible product, will definitely buy again!

The smell of all smells

This is it for me - the deserted island of smells, if you will. If I could only smell one thing again on this earth I swear it would be this incense. It is the perfect balance of aromas, with such a slow-paced and beautiful burn.

Intensely beautiful & luxurious

OMG, such an intensely beautiful fragrance! I wasn't sure I'd like this scent but received one as a sample with a previous purchase. Thank you, because it's made my life so much better! It's a treat to smell this everyday. Makes everything seem beautiful & luxurious, like you have rose coloured glasses on, lol. Love it! I daresay it's my favourite, but then again I haven't tried all of Incense Republic's merchandise yet. Superb quality always.

Probably the best incense ever

I'm not 100% sure how I found Incense Republic but I won't be looking for anyone else. The Unite incense is the best smelling incense I have ever had.
The quality of the incense is immaculate.
Hands down my favorite incense ever.

So happy to hear that you're enjoying the Unite incense sticks! I appreciate your feedback, and thank you for your support!

So goodddd

This is my second time buying this scent, it smells like men's deodorant in the BEST way possible