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White Copal resin incense has an uplifting sweet citrus like scent. Widely known for its use in cleansing routines and love spells, this incense is an excellent addition to your ritual.

Use this incense for: Cleansing, Clarity, Abundance and Spell work

Whether you are new to burning resins or are looking for an ethically sourced supplier, here are resins that work great for your rituals. Burning resins will help clear your mind and create a sanctuary in your home. Simply use these resins during times of meditation, reflection, ritual and spell work.

Why choose resin incense over a stick incense? The smoke created from resin burning is beautifully light and intoxicating.

If you’ve never used resin before, it can look intimidating since it’s a little more difficult to light. Here we are to clear the air on how to light resin incense.

The easiest way to burn your resin is to use a charcoal disk. You will light the charcoal disk using a candle and tongs. You will need to light the bottom and the top of the disk. Once the disk is hot, lay the resin into the middle or around the disk.

  • Each Package is 3/4 oz
  • Resin is hand-sorted for optimal quality
  • Each order comes with 1 FREE charcoal briquette
  • For external use only


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